Commonly embraced as one of the funniest, most easy going racers at the track, Travis Preston didn’t rely on his witty demeanor alone to establish himself as a top professional in AMA Supercross and Motocross for over 12 years. Flashy may not be the best adjective to describe the likable Southern California native either, but hardworking, passionate, and determined definitely are. Travis approaches racing like he approaches the rest of his life… He keeps it fun! That’s not to say he doesn’t take it serious, but there’s a definite balance he’s been able to achieve over the years to keep racing fresh, exciting, and successful. During his tenure, Preston no doubt delivered on the track, capturing the first and last Supercross win ever on a Husqvarna, not to mention the crown jewel of his career, the 2002 125cc West Coast Supercross Championship! Along the way, Travis became well known for his classic podium speeches, and it’s that same laid back, positive, passionate approach to racing that he now delivers in his MX schools.

Recently concluding his professional racing career in 2009—still as a factory rider—Preston brings a fresh, new age knowledge and skill to the MX teaching and training world. Motocross has changed in a big way since the ‘80s and ‘90s, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a coach with the same intimate knowledge of modern-day riding techniques, machinery, and tracks than Preston. Still riding and training on a daily basis, Travis knows exactly how to help you deliver the goods come race day!


  • 1999 AMA Pro Motocross Top Privateer
  • 2001 125cc Houston Supercross Winner (On a HUSKY!)
  • 2002 125cc West Coast Supercross Champion
  • 2005 450cc AMA Pro Motocross 5th Overall
  • 2006 450cc AMA Pro Motocross 5th Overall
  • 2007 450cc Anaheim 1 Supercross—4th
  • 2007 450cc Phoenix Supercross—4th
  • Team Honda Factory Rider
  • Team Kawasaki Factory Rider


Born: February 6, 1978
Birthplace: Santa Ana, California
Current Residence: Oak Hills, CA
Height/Weight: 6’2″ / 180 lbs.
First Ride: Age 5
First Race: Age 9 (De Anza Cycle Park)
Turned Pro: 1996
Training: Cycling, Mt. Biking, Moto, Weight Training
Hobbies: cycling, tennis, snowboarding, golf.
Status: Single
Family: Lola & Winston (dogs), Bunny (mini donkey), Mini (mini horse), Yeller (horse), Rio (horse)
Current Bike: JGR-Backed Yamaha YZ450F
Last National Number: 11

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